Personal Loans

Personal Line of Credit

Offering you the flexibility and control to borrow funds as needed – it’s as simple as writing a check.

  • Credit limits range from $500.
  • Special checks.
  • Check balances, do transfers, make payments thru Online or Phone Banking
  • Variable rates

Personal Installment Loan

Apply for a Personal Installment Loan and get a 1/4% discount off the loan rate when your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your Territorial Checking or Statement Savings Account.

Overdraft Protection

Feel confident writing a check from your Territorial checking account knowing it’s covered by an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit.

  • Credit limits range from $300.
  • Check balances or make payments thru Online or Phone Banking.


Loan applications are available at all Territorial Savings Bank branches.

All loan requests are subject to credit approval.