FAQ: Mortgage Loans

What do I need to know about getting a loan?

TSB is here to help you understand your loan options and assist you in making the right decision for your lifestyle, whether you are planning to purchase a home, a car or other necessities.

An important first step is getting prequalified for a loan. This will tell you how much of a payment you can afford each month, and a price range for your purchase.


What does prequalifying for a loan involve?

We will look at your income, expenses and your credit rating. Remember, maxed out charges on your credit cards, including the department store credit cards can hurt your chances for qualifying for a higher loan amount. Late payments can also hurt your credit rating. For more information please talk to a friendly TSB employee at a branch near you.


What information is needed if I want to prequalify for a loan?

In order to prequalify, you will need to provide the most current information about your monthly income, your monthly debt payments, your total debt amount, the total assets, your SSN, and an employment verification document. Certain other documents may be needed so please give us a call at 808-946-1400 or toll free at 1-800-951-8418.


What is included in my mortgage payment?

Typically a mortgage will involve three main parts. First is the payment on the principal of the loan (the amount borrowed). Second, it includes payment for the interest accrued on the principal. Finally it includes escrow payments to cover Principal-Interest-Taxes-Insurance.


Can I schedule my mortgage payment to be paid automatically from my TSB account?

Yes, you can set up an automatic schedule to pay your mortgage bill each month, saving you the hassle of writing a check and mailing it each month.