Christmas Club Savings

The best solution for

holiday season expenses.

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Christmas Club Savings

A Christmas Club Savings account will help you be fiscally responsible and can help keep those credit card bills low during the holidays.  Save throughout the year, then in November we’ll send you a check or credit your Territorial Account for the amount saved, plus interest!  Put your money in a safe place, and be a confident shopper for the next holiday season.

  • $10 Minimum Opening Balance
  • Open November 1 – February 15
  • Renew by April 1 each year with a deposit
  • Earns Interest



Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Need a savings plan to help you save with a higher fixed rate? A Certificate of Deposit (CD) might be your answer. You can open a certificate of deposit with terms from 3 months – 5 years.


Savings Accounts

Looking for an account with more flexibility? Try one of our savings accounts. Pay yourself first! You need to make saving a priority. Territorial Savings Bank has a variety of accounts that are flexible, and have competitive interest rates.