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System Maintenance Schedule: Maintenance is performed on Wednesdays and Sundays between 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM Hawaii Time. Online Banking may be unavailable intermittently during this time. Please arrange to submit transactions before or after this scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your understanding.

Safe Online Banking brochure (PDF) provides simple tips to protect your assets and identity, information on cyber-frauds, tools and resources available for victims.

7/31/2020: Login process updated. Safari browser update not required.

7/28/2020: Safari Browser Update and Consumer Online Banking Login
Due to the latest security enhancement to the Consumer Online Banking login process and recent Safari browser (for Mac PCs, iPhones, iPads) upgrade, Safari browser users may experience that they will need to login twice. This issue does not affect the TSB Mobile Banking App.
7/29/2020: Upgrade to Consumer Online Banking Platform

In the next twelve months, TSB will be adding more features and services to Consumer Online Banking and Mobile Banking. This includes one-time temporary passwords sent via text message to your mobile phone versus email, risk services to identify unauthorized users, and more TSB Visa Check Card management features.

In anticipation of these enhancements to provide you a more secure and best in class online experience, the Consumer Online Banking platform was recently upgraded with our service provider. As a result, you may have noticed that the URL for Consumer Online Banking changed. The URL address may be different but the service is the same and more secure.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call TSB Electronic Banking Services for more information at (808) 946-1400.
5/19/2020: Coming Soon

On Sunday, June 7, Territorial Savings Bank will change its domain name from to to provide you an even more secure online banking experience. All .BANK domains are required to meet robust security technologies and practices, and only verified members of the banking industry can register a .BANK domain. Going forward, you should authenticate our website by looking for the “.BANK” (rather than .net) at the end of our URL.

While website redirection will remain in place for the foreseeable future, you should take a moment after our launch to update your bookmark(s) to our site in your address book.
4/06/20: Mobile Check Deposit Limits Increased from $2,500 to $5,000

Deposit up to $5,000 per checking account, per business day. Deposit up to $10,000 per checking account, in a rolling 30 calendar day period. This service is available for Mobile Banking App customers.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to call TSB Electronic Banking at 808-946-1400.
12/19/19: Bill Pay Service – Safari Browser Version 13.3
Users attempting to access online bill pay via the Safari browser, version 13.3 will receive a screen message advising cookies must be enabled. Users are encouraged to access the application using another browser until this issue is resolved.

We are currently working to resolve this incident as quickly as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we work to resolve this issue.
11/27/2019: On Thursday, 12/5/2019, Popmoney services will be converted to Zelle®. If you are an existing Popmoney customer, your payee information, transaction activity and pending payments will be automatically transferred to Zelle.

• Popmoney payments of $2,000 and over, scheduled for 12/5/2019 or later - will be cancelled. The maximum Zelle payment amount is $2,000 per day.

• On Wednesday, 12/4/2019, from 5pm HST, Popmoney will not be available for use. Zelle will be available on 12/5/2019 from 8 am HST.

• Reminder: Advise your receivers to register for Zelle at their financial institution or at the website. From the website, they can download the Zelle App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If your receiver is not registered for Zelle when you send the payment, they will receive a notification and instructions on how to register.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to call TSB Electronic Banking at 808-946-1400.
7/29/2019: Mobile Banking App Hardware and Browser Updates and Online Banking Browser Updates